Watching My World

Did you ever feel you where watching but NOT participating. These days I feel like I am doing just that. I have heard those stories of people who have had close cuts and said their life passed before their eyes…well this is exactly what I am feeling right now. Weird, but also enlighting. I guess this is what most call “taking a good look at my life”. So what do I see. I see NEED! The need to take it up a notch. I see that I am NOT living up to my potential. God has given me all I need to accomplish His will in my life and I am the one who does NOT use it. So this is my promise to myself in front of all the world. GET UP AND DO WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIFTED TO DO!!! Stop being frozen in your tracks by the thought of “I don”t know how” or “I am not good enough”. If I don’t know how I have lots of resource at my finger tips to figure out how and I will never be good enough if I don’t try!!!

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